Ever wonder how a maritime pilot maneuvers a ship to the dock without causing a shipwreck? Now you have the opportunity to try it for yourself!

Shipwreck is the new, dangerously addictive, ship routing game. Even though Shipwreck is very simple to play, great skill is required to master it! To play you just need to draw the correct routes to the right docks to unload the ships, while avoiding crashes as unloaded ships set their course back into to the ocean!

Shipwreck offers a great new twist for all the fans of route setting
and time management games!
- 5 different ships - All ships have different speeds and unloading times!
  Big ships are slower and always unload in the yellow port.
  Jet skis and fast boats unload in the red port.
- Two different docks to unload different types of ships
- Step by step tutorial explaining how to play Shipwreck
- Overall statistics board
- Smooth ship route drawing algorithm
- Amazing graphics and addictive gameplay